Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anti Drug And Rehabilitation Of Drug Addicts

Exactly on 26 June 2010, is spedial day, because June 26 is celebrated as a day of anti-drug and illegal trade worldwide (International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking), the first was decided by the UN General Assembly. This time the blog ilmu_air want to also discuss a bit about drugs and at least also about the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Drug problem has indeed been spread out all over the world, many people who are addicted to illegal drugs, the life and future of some of the younger generation destroyed by drugs, even how jiwapun been floated because of drugs. Illicit drugs it does have tremendous destructive force for life but not too few people who use or drug addiction, with variety of reasons and causes as well. Drugs are also not just physical damage Addicts, but the damage can develop in various spheres of life. So the anti-drug campaign is required to be encouraged, for every human being from different generations, especially the younger generation who are still unstable or even less knowledge about the dangers of drugs, to keep away from drugs that. Because treat and rehabilitate drug addicts-are not easy in the end, then prevention is better than cure. Yesh maintain health in a life that is important, as well as efforts to maintain health and treat pentakit, drug addicts also include people who are infected with the illness because of illegal drugs instead.

Talking about anti-drug and rehabilitation of drug addicts, I have just browsing on google neighbor drug rehab center. There is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is Axis Residential Treatment, which is one of the huts drug rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addicts at California's top (top residential California drug rehab programs for drug and alcohol addiction). Sayapun visit their site at drug tretment and alcohol treatment axis. I read in stus, that Axis uses a unique combination with a 12-step therapy with individual treatment systems to address the whole person, both mentally and physically.

The advantage of treatment programs and drug addicts alkoho in Axis is as follows: The unique holistic drug or alcohol, there are 12-step rehabilitation program, such as:
• Screening and assessment (screening and assessment)
• Detoxification (detoxification)
• Residential Treatment (Residential Treatment)
• Partial and Intensive Outpatient Programming (Partial and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP))
• Individual and Group Counseling (Individual and Group Counseling)
• Intervention Specialist Support (Intervention Specialist Support)
• Family Programs (Family Program)
• Collaboration with Primary Doctor Service (Collaboration with Primary Care Physician).
Also on the axis there is also a good program design and proper recovery, handled by professional staff, experienced, and caring, there are Personal and group counseling, there are also plans (programs) indicidual treatment, the pain of managing a program of recovery from drug addiction, pecandupun given food and nutrition in seimbang.Axis also offers a variety of activities that focus on health and amenities, such as: Sport and personal training (A full gym and personal training), Hiking, Yoga, and Massage Therapy (Massage Therapy).

Well if such a rehabilitation system, of course drug and alcohol addicts, can bounce back after falling from candunya to object, he is unclean. The drug dealers and drug dealers snared certainly pantasnya seberatnya penalty for making damage to human life, but drug addicts are rehabilitated well, with the right program of course. One of them might be through drug treatment programs and alcohol treatment center axis, because I read on her site also that the axis shows the way in rebuilding the lives of drug addicts and alcohol, and restore family relationships and most importantly achieve long-term peace. Just go to the site directly for details on AxisHuose drug rehab.

Rehabilitation programs contained in the axis deserves thumbs up, but the most important later in the prevention or treatment or drug rehabilitation planting of religious education, and morals are good also, of course.

Let's build a healthy nation and the generation of both physical and moral. If you've already plunged into the dark world of drugs, no further terpurukkan addicts with isolating or even getting dropped, but the rehabilitation, recovery, and repair the physical and mental re supposed to do.

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