Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ranks of Civil Servants is Prescribed Join Drug Tests

Ranks of civil servants within the provincial government of North Sulawesi as well as district and city, must take the test narcotics and dangerous drugs

"Drug testing is very important to know and can prevent early efforts to abuse illicit drugs within the government," said Deputy Governor of North Sulawesi, Djauhari Kansil, in Manado, on Friday (8 / 4).

According to him, the dangers of drugs has become a very frightening specter for the community. Various anti drugs and prevention campaigns against those who want to recover from drug addiction increasingly touted.

No exception is made with North Sulawesi Provincial Government that in the near future, the provincial government plans to conduct tests to check if the civil servant in the provincial government drug-free environment or not.

"And this test will not be notified when its execution, as we often do surprise inspections, as well as to test these drugs," said Kansil who is also former head of the Office of National Education's North Sulawesi province.

Kansil explained, the main purpose of this drug test, that is about to capture whether there are civil servants are contaminated with drugs. If proven to exist users of the status of state servants, it will be subject to sanctions as the rule applies.

"Narcotics is very dangerous and ruin everything. Thus it is regrettable if any unscrupulous civil servant who was using drugs. This feature is not good," he said.

These activities and the provision of drug tests will cooperate with related agencies such as Narcotics Agency and the Department of Health.

According Kansil, people who already do drugs already on the stage of addiction especially would be doing a variety of ways to get drugs again, even though stealing can be done.

Assembly Members backed plans Flammable Lexi Solang North Sulawesi provincial government activity conduct drug tests for the ranks of civil servants. Action was considered a deterrent effect and make the move if there is proven using or consuming dangerous goods.

"If the environment already existing civil servants who are addicted to drugs, of course, could be a bad precedent for the community as well," he explained.

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