Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gang Assault Drug Rehabilitation Center

At least thirty people were drug gang members stormed the drug rehabilitation center in Ciudad Madero in the Mexican border with the United States, Friday (11 / 6). Action that killed 19 people and wounding four others. Armed attackers also killed 16 other people in the north of the city.

The killing took place in this week. A week earlier, authorities also found 55 bodies in the mining areas that are not operating. Go to the corpse-55 is also suspected to be victims of drug-related violence. The area was indeed a battle between gangs Zetas with the Gulf cartel. Zetas gang initially was the ally of the Gulf cartel.

But then broke away and tried to take over control of territory. In addition to fighting with other gangs, they also fight the security forces. Known, more dah sixty people died in drug rehabilitation centers in the last two years. Police said two of the six major Mexican cartels are threatening drug rehabilitation centers to recruit people to use and distribute drugs. If the threat was not ignored, drug gangs killed him hands down. Some of them were killed for not paying debts or accused of being traitors. (AP/A-95) ***

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