Saturday, April 30, 2011


Based on prevalence data drug abusers in Indonesia has reached 1.99% of total population or about 3.6 million inhabitants. Eighty-six percent of drug abusers are at productive age. Drug abuse prevention efforts are comprehensive. For addicts or abusers, the Act has given the rights for them to obtain medical and social rehabilitation. Currently, the National Narcotics Agency has a capacity of 500 residents rehab or drug users are located in the Lido Bogor.

In this rehabilitation center available facilities such as sports, the center of social skills through activities that stood on the land area of ​​112,000 m2.

There are stages that will be passed a new patient entry until finally declared fully recovered. Three stages are referred to the stages of Healing, Revolution and Transformation. The first stage, patients will undergo detoxification or withdrawal therapy on an ongoing basis simptomik for a month. After that, residents will undergo a primary program for 6 months. Namely with the pattern of social rehabilitation with therapeutic community (TC). Subsequently, TC programs and resosialiasi Advanced vocational therapy for 5 months. After serving 1 year program, residents still do the monitoring. If it is declared cured, it will be refunded their families each with a previously into three stages with a program called Back to family.

The method used for recovering addicts are the medical, social, therapeutic community (community-based therapy), religion, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. Rehab is not allowed to charge for the drug abusers who seek treatment or free will

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