Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drug Test, 155 Police Live Urine Test

BADUNG-Not only civil society, narcotics can also be misused by law enforcement officials, including police, which should eradicate drug use.

For that, Police Badung, Bali do urine test to more than 100 members. Examination of urine closely watched by the provost officer.

A number of police personnel to undergo examination in Mapolres Badung since Wednesday (05/04/2011) morning.

Badung Wakapolres Kompol AJ Panjaitan said, to ensure no cheating every provost until police escorted to the toilet.

Throughout the morning, he added, there are 155 police officers who underwent the examination.

Urine will be checked at the Laboratory of Medical Science and Health (Bidokkes) Polda Bali to ensure the presence or absence of members of the police who take drugs.

Panjaitan promised to crack down on members who tested positive for using drugs.

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