Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toggle Yoyok Live Drug Rehabilitation

The examination of Surendro Prasad alias Yoyo 'Paddy' is still underway, the Narcotics Unit Police Headquarters in the office of the National Narcotics Agency. During the inspection process took place, the BNN please Yoyo to prove that he was limited to users, not dealers.

"Today I have spoken from heart to heart with Yoyo. He seemed more calm when told who Mr. D we're looking for.. Mr. D is not an intermediary. Yoyok quite cooperative," said Siswandi, Kanit II dir IV Narcotics when found in his office on Friday (4 / 3) afternoon.

Previously, lawyers Yoyok, Noni T. Purwaningsih already met Siswandi and submit a letter stating that Yoyo had several times been rehabilitated. "This letter was only brought his lawyer earlier. This letter explains that she is his track record in the Hospital Outpatient (Hospital Drug Addiction)," explained Siswandi.

In the letter stated, Ross's ex-husband has been undergoing rehabilitation three times and three times detoksifilitasi well.

"Yoyo undergoing rehabilitation June 20, 2000, 19 October 2000 and January 5, 2001. Then undergo Detoksolitifasi Ward 3 times ie 2 May 2000-7 May 2000, 10 April-17 April 2000 and last January 6 2001-8 January 2001, "he said.

Siswandi promised to back annotate the development of Yoyo cases on Monday (7 / 5).

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